Cupcake Wars is the ultimate challenge. As a team you are competing against three other teams of incredibly talented bakers, creating brand new flavors with challenge ingredients, working faster than you have ever worked before, all while fighting panic that rises as every second of the clock ticks down. The one thing that motivates and keeps you going is the dream of having Justin Willman look you in the eye and say, "You are the winner of Cupcake Wars!" Three teams leave in defeat. One is victorious. 


We Happy Bakers put our blood (Angela cut herself on camera!), burned skin (Kaylee's fingers bear the proof...), and tears into this competition, and thankfully it all paid off in the end (by way of $10,000!). We are more grateful than words can say for this experience! We met amazing people all along the way, including producers, competitors, the talented carpenters, Justin Willman, Candace Nelson, Florian Bellanger, and our guest judge: the lovely Kristin Banta. 


When we opened our business, our goal was to compete on Cupcake Wars and win. Achieving that dream less than one year after opening is such an overwhelming blessing, and we are so excited to see what the future holds for HappyCakes. Thank you to everyone who supported us along the way, and believed in us... We look forward to baking our Cupcake Wars-winning cupcakes for you all. :)

HappyCakes Won the War:)

"This cupcake had me skipping down the aisle."

-Candace Nelson

Cupcake Wars judge/Founder + Owner of Sprinkles

Cupcake Wars Season 9: Episode 6: LA Bridal Bash can be viewed on Amazon for $1.99.


NO food coloring. NO artificial flavors. NO day-old cupcakes.

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HappyCakes donates 10% of all sales to Wipe Every Tear